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Scott of Africa is a Safari company owned by Chappie and Marilyn Scott, who have been involved in the tourism industry for over 30 years.  Originally running only trophy safaris, Scott of Africa has expanded to include tours of South Africa, Professional Hunter Schools, as well as firearm training courses.

Chappie Scott and Stacey de Jager run Professional Hunters courses several times a year, teaching all the skills required to become a Professional Hunter.  For more information regarding Professional Hunters courses, please click here.

Since the Firearm Control Act of 2000, Chappie and Stacey have also run Firearm Competency courses.  For more information regarding Firearm Training, please click here.

Chappie is a member of PHASA (the Professional Hunters Association of South Africa), IPHA (the International Professional Hunters Association), SA Hunters and the ECGMA (East Cape Game Management Association).